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Badger Welding

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Badger Welding is a veteran and family-owned welding and fabrication shop located in Rutherford County. While they have the ability to manufacture anything metal, their unique niche is restaurant equipment fabrication. For over 30 years, Badger Welding has been fabricating the hoods, exhaust stacks, cabinetry, counters, walk-in freezer doors, and more for restaurant chains all over the Southeast, including Hardee’s, Bojangles’, Applebee’s, Wendy’s and many others. As a National Sanitation Foundation approved manufacturer, they create food-safe products for the kitchens of some of our favorite fast food chains. Their work is hidden in plain sight at local favorites from Strawberry Hill to Mountain Brook Vineyards, but their full service design, fabrication, and installation process serves clients all over the Southeast. Along with services for steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, they also provide Corian installation and repair, and they are DuPont certified Corian fabricators.

Their team is creative, innovative, and agile, and the products that they manufacture are a reflection of that talent. Their shop boasts unique equipment, including an antique Niagara shear (metal cutter) that was built in 1912 and still works beautifully. Badger Welding also has the largest waterjet table in the region, an incredibly precise and powerful machine that can cut custom designs into metal, bulletproof glass, and other materials with mind-boggling precision.

With the ability to design, create, and innovate, Badger Welding can take on almost any project for any business. We are proud that they call Rutherford County home!