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Blue Ridge Armor

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BlueRidge Armor founder Dale Taylor, displaying a ballistic shield that was field-tested by the US Marshals. This innovative design proved the most protective and most advanced among its competition.
Located in downtown Spindale, BlueRidge Armor is founded on decades of experience in design engineering, development and manufacturing of world class bullet resistant armor, ballistic shields and protective equipment for law enforcement, elite tactical forces and private security sector. Founded in 2015 by Dale Taylor, BlueRidge Armor is an incredible asset to Rutherford County's manufacturing community and received First Runner-Up in the 2021 "Coolest Thing Made in Rutherford County" contest.
BlueRidge Armor offers custom armor and protective equipment design services to agencies with specialized operational and tactical requirements. Their mission is to provide customers with a full line of standardized products as well as complete custom armor solutions, that enhance tactical operation efficiency, safety and comfort. Deriving input from active duty and retired law enforcement ensures that BlueRidge Armor products are on the cutting edge while taking into account tried and true materials, methodologies and manufacturing techniques.
To learn more about BlueRidge Armor, check out their website at: https://blueridgearmor.com/