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Excengin is a powerhouse of international opportunity and innovation. Based in Rutherfordton, their business specializes in international distribution of emergency services equipment, and also offers logistics and financing support for domestic manufacturers seeking to grow their businesses internationally. Excengin offers highly competitive financing to emerging market buyers of US-manufactured and exported capital goods. More flexible and focused than a traditional lender, Excengin can work with local manufacturers to achieve their exporting goals, as trusted partners and business advocates. Excengin is a business resource based out of Rutherford County, and their priority is to serve the local business community. If you are interested in growing the international reach of your business, or want to know how to start, reach out to the Export Commercial Engine partners at Excengin, and learn how you can take advantage of emerging opportunities in international markets. Get in touch with them at 833-923-6446 or finance@excengin.com to learn more. We are proud to have this business and resource in our community!