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Gilkey Lumber

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Gilkey Lumber Company is a family-owned lumber manufacturer located in Gilkey, NC. The company was founded in 1954 by Jess Parton and has grown into an international supplier of high-quality hardwood lumber. Their products are used all over the world in furniture, flooring, and specialty wood products.

Gilkey Lumber, a proud member of the NC Forestry Association, has maintained a superior reputation in the forestry community, providing professional timber harvesting services since inception, and is also recognized by the Appalachian Hardwoods Association as a certified sustainable harvester. Lumber is a renewable resource, and the foresters at Gilkey Lumber work with landowners to ensure the forests that are harvested will regenerate for generations to come.

Logging has a long history in Western North Carolina and was one of the Appalachian Region’s first and most important economic enterprises. Rutherford County is proud to have Gilkey Lumber Company located within its borders, producing quality American made lumber for over six decades.