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One Man Fencing

One Man Fencing, LLC

Cattle panels are no longer just for temporary livestock fencing. People are finding that cattle panels can be used for garden fencing and even for more permanent railing. Rutherford County native, Phillip Morrow, has created a way to make installing livestock panels easier and faster. We recently had a chance to visit with him and see this amazing invention in action!

Often people will use hooks, twine, or zip ties to secure livestock panels to fence posts. One Man Fencing LLC 's panel connector design makes it so that only two connectors are needed per post. This reduces the number of connections that need to be made, especially if someone is using as many as 12 zip ties per post.

As is often the case, new innovations and new products are born out of necessity. Phillip Morrow grew up raising various livestock. He and his father always used livestock panels and installed them using wires and hooks. One day, while Morrow’s father was using the hooks to connect a livestock panel to a post, one broke off. The force of the unexpected break surprised him, and he ended up tumbling down a hill after losing his balance. After that, Morrow’s father urged him to go online to find a better way to connect livestock panels to fence posts.

After doing some searching for panel connectors, Morrow couldn’t find that looked any easier to use or any more secure than using hooks. He gave up on the search. A few weeks passed and Morrow’s father, who had assumed Morrow found a better product than hooks, asked when the new connectors would arrive. Morrow broke the news to his father that he hadn’t found anything. In that moment, Morrow’s father challenged him to create a product that would help them and others like them who depend on livestock panels for fencing.

It took three years of designing and testing before Morrow landed on the product he now sells.

Congratulations to One Man Fencing on this awesome product and we wish the business continued success!