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Subtle Seed Farm

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Subtle Seed Farm is an industrial hemp grower based in Rutherford County. They are a part of North Carolina’s pilot hemp production program, and grow hemp for medicinal CBD use. The North Carolina Hemp Program was created to study the economic viability of hemp production in the state, for applications such as medicine and fiber. Drawn to Rutherford County due to the unique climate conditions created by the isothermal belt, Subtle Seed Farm is able to easily and affordably grow plants year-round.

Committed to environmental sustainability and healthy growing practices, Subtle Seed Farm has partnered with Green Hill Worm Farm to produce organic fertilizer and compost to nourish their plants without the use of heavy chemicals. They work closely with other regional agricultural businesses, such as Banner Greenhouses of Nebo, Dirtcraft Organics of Marshall, and Asheville Botanicals of Asheville, to assist them at every stage of their production.

We are excited to have Subtle Seed Farm here in Rutherford County, and we can’t wait to watch them grow! To learn more about Subtle Seed Farm, please visit their website: www.subtleseedfarm.com