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SSD Designs Plans on Leaving no Waste in Rutherford County

Rutherford County Economic Development (RCED) is pleased to announce that SSD Designs is locating its new manufacturing operation in Forest City, NC.  The company will be located in the former Wilbert Plastics building on Vance Street with operations scheduled to begin in the coming weeks.  The company plans to hire more than 40 individuals within the next couple of years and pay a wage rate greater than the Rutherford County average.

The operation will involve the recycling of various plastic materials.  Materials that would otherwise go to a landfill will be modified for reuse by the original company or be purchased by other companies.

Mrs. Sara Samuelson, President SSD Designs, stated, “We are excited to be a part of the Forest City community. We hope that we are able to bring as much support to this wonderful city as they have provided to us this far.  SSD Designs is a growing company with an emphasis on a scientific approach to recycling and embodies the uniqueness of individuals as well as the companies we work with.”

Rutherford County Economic Development President Tom Johnson stated, “This operation is a great fit for Rutherford County.  It provides further diversification of the manufacturing base in the county, which is vitally important for long-term economic growth.”

“On behalf of the Rutherford County Board of Commissioners, I would like to welcome SSD Designs,” stated Rutherford County Board of Commissioners Chairman Bryan King. King went on to say, “I am extremely pleased that SSD Designs is re-purposing a vacant building, providing excellent wages, and investing not only in its business but in our community as well.”

Mayor Steve Holland commented, “Having a company like SSD Designs choose Forest City is a positive sign for the region’s economy and we welcome their desire to grow as it will provide jobs and new opportunities for our citizens. We are very grateful to the County and the RCED for making this possible.” 

Chairman Mike Gavin stated, “Rutherford County Economic Development’s mission is to bring quality jobs to the county and I would like to thank SSD Designs for choosing to locate, invest and create jobs here.”

Rutherford County has a population of 67,810 and is centrally located between Charlotte, NC, Asheville, NC and Greenville, SC. With a strong infrastructure system including roads, water, sewer and fiber, Rutherford County is well positioned for continued growth.