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Horsehead Gives Back to The Community


Deed Conveyance Presentation (L to R): Clark Poole - Chamber of Commerce, Carl Classen - County Manager, Eddie Holland - County Commissioner, Bill Eckler - Vice Chairman County Commissioners, Julius Owens - Chairman County Commissioners, Ali Alavi - Horsehead Senior Vice President Corporate and Environmental Affairs, Chief Drew Brown - Clilffside Fire Department, Assistant Chief Dennis Brown and Roger Hollifield - County Fire Marshal

Mooresboro, NC - An event held today provided another great example of the investment Horsehead Metal Products, Inc. continues to make in Hicks Grove Community and Rutherford County. Horsehead Metal Products, Inc. made this investment official by formally conveying property to the Cliffside Area Volunteer Fire Department for use in providing fire service to the Hicks Grove Community and surrounding residents.

Since the formal project announcement in September 2011 and the start of construction days later, Horsehead Metal Products, Inc. has had significant positive impact on the local economy. For more than twenty-four month, hundreds of workers in numerous construction trades have clocked countless hours on the site of this new zinc reclamation facility. Infrastructure improvements have been completed to the new facility providing public water and natural gas to an area of Rutherford County previously without services. As the facility construction nears completion, many county residents are completing pre-employment training, interviewing and have been selected for one of the more than 240 jobs required at full production.
Progress does not come without inconvenience. Understanding this, Horsehead Metal Products, Inc. provided multiple opportunities and a public platform for members of the Hicks Grove Community and surrounding areas to voice their concerns; and their concerns have not gone unheard. Horsehead leaders valued the input of the community and are making reasonable efforts toward providing resolutions, when possible. To address community concerns related to fire protection and the proximity of the industrial entrance to the existing Hicks Grove Baptist Church parsonage, Horsehead Metal Products, Inc. has purchased the former parsonage and will convey the property to the Cliffside Area Volunteer Fire Department to use as a satellite fire station. Jim Hensler, President & CEO of Horsehead Corporation states, “This is an excellent example of neighbors working together for the common good of their community. We appreciate the warm welcome thus far from the Hicks Grove Community and are pleased to be able to make this significant contribution toward the enhancement and safety of its residents.”

Rutherford County Commission Chairman Julius Owens said, “Horsehead Metal Products, Inc. continues to invest in the Hicks Grove Community, Rutherford County, and our great residents. Today’s event demonstrates Horsehead’s commitment to safety – on the job site and in the community. I want to extend the appreciation of the Rutherford County Board of Commissioners and the community for your continued investment in our county.” Rutherford County Fire Marshal, Roger Hollifield added, “The addition of this station will provide the property owners within six miles of the fire station a quicker response time to fires and other emergencies and a reduction in home owner’s insurance premiums. This is a great partnership between Horsehead Metal Products, Inc. and the Cliffside Area Volunteer Fire Department.”