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Cohesion Phenomics Opens High-Tech Lab

Spindale, NC - On November 7, 2013 Cohesion Phenomics held a ribbon cutting ceremony to officially open a Molecular Diagnostics laboratory at 230 Spindale Street in Spindale.  Cohesion Phenomics is one among the very few certified laboratories in the region that carries out genetic testing for heritable disorders including cardiovascular diseases. The Spindale laboratory has developed strategic partnerships and collaborations with Harvard Medical School, Boston MA and Fullerton Genetic Center of Mission Hospital, Asheville, NC.

Dr. Sumy Joseph, President of Cohesion Phenomics said, “Setting up the lab in Spindale was the result of a fortuitous turn of events. Marriage, primarily, brought me to this region. Rutherford County affords a competitive operating cost structure. This, combined with high-speed fiber optic connectivity enabled us, in part, to develop a laboratory that is at the cutting edge of technology. We currently have three highly skilled, Board certified employees. In the near future, as our operations grow, we expect to hire Lab Technologists, Bioinformaticians, Genetic Counselors, and Administrative Support Personnel. We are keen on working with the local schools and community colleges to develop programs that foster scientific curiosity and expand employment opportunities ”

“I am excited to welcome Cohesion Phenomics to the Town of Spindale and the opportunity that this company brings to provide diversity to our workforce and community,” said Mayor Mickey Bland of Spindale.  Rutherford County Commission Chairman Julius Owens said, "We are so excited that Dr. Sumy Joseph has selected Rutherford County as the location of choice to open her laboratory. We want to thank Dr. Joseph for her investment in Rutherford County and the diverse employment opportunities that her business will create.  Rutherford County is very pro business and we look forward to Cohesion Phenomics growing and thriving in Rutherford County. We welcome this great addition and all other companies that are looking for a great place to locate or expand. The Rutherford County Board of Commissioners looks forward to working with Cohesion Phenomics to build a lifelong partnership". Walter Dalton, Isothermal Community College President said, “The announcement of Cohesion Phenomics opening in Rutherford County is exciting news and Isothermal Community College stands ready to educate and train students in this and related fields.  It is indeed a 21st century business with 21st century jobs and it has significant growth potential.”

Click here for a PDF of our Press Release