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Local Company Lands Contract with South Pacific Island Nation

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Rutherfordton, NC
— Delegates from Kiribati, a South Pacific island nation, finalized a deal with local aircraft reseller, CAAMS, LLC, on Thursday afternoon.

Headquartered in the Rutherford County Airport, CAAMS considers itself the world's largest supplier of used "Twin Otter"-style utility planes.

The nation of slightly more than 100,000 purchased an aircraft from CAAMS to meet the travel needs of its rapidly expanding population.

"The proven ruggedness and versatility of the Twin Otter is what sold us on its value," explained Air Kiribata CEO Iosabata Namakin in a Aug. 24 statement. 

Kiribati Communications Minister Taberannang Timeon and Camms' Managing Director Everette C. Mash III sealed the transaction at a table inside the airport office before an audience of 12.

Representatives of behalf of congressman Heath Shuler, US Senator Kay Hagen and North Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue were among the crowd.

After all the title documents had been signed, Timeon addressed the audience.

"This is an Important millstone in our social and economic progress," he said.

"I am grateful for the warm and wonderful American hospitality extended to my team since arriving in Rutherford County."

According to Mash, Kiribati will join a long list of CAAMS clients.

"There are approximately 500 Twin Otters operating in 115 countries," he said.

"We've sold more than 174 over the past 37 years."

The nation is expected to purchase a second aircraft from CAAMS in the near-future. Meanwhile, the company recently announced its plan to acquire 50 new and used Twin Otters over the next five years.

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