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Diamondback Tactical

Before Diamondback Tactical reached its steady incline as it is today, it underwent a tremendous change, but not only internally, physically as well.

Post closure of the Phoenix, Arizona location, Diamondback Tactical had only 22 days to scout a new location and pack the entire company up and relocate facilities within the Spindale, North Carolina area, a nearly impossible task for any large manufacturer to complete, especially without any prior notice. According to company president Dale Taylor, the move went smoothly and the one thing he was concerned about was the ability to still appease customers and clients, but they appeased flawlessly.
“We transitioned our manufacturing capabilities seamlessly, without any hiccup in customer expectations,” Taylor says. “We also delivered a large government contract two days early despite the move.  Everything lined up, and we all stuck together and made it through.”

Taylor has been in the supply industry for 25 years working with various companies and bettering his own strategic plans and knowledge. Taylor says the company wants to extend its research, and by moving to North Carolina it will prove to be a wise business move. He also states that working with Diamondback allows him to apply those needs.


The one thing that sets Diamondback Tactical aside from other suppliers within the industry is its guaranteed ability to manufacture and produce both soft and hard armor.

“Most companies in our industry only have the ability to manufacture soft armor. Not only do we manufacture soft and hard armor products, we have an innovative method that allows us to provide these products as technological systems within kits. Kits reduce the depth of supply chain sourcing when organizations want to secure quality, American-made tactical gear.” Taylor says.

The effectiveness and efficiency that Diamondback Tactical produces makes the company stand out among others because of the readiness and ability to stand by their word; whether it is implementing new technology or tackling multiple challenges at once.  


Technology is the backbone of Diamondback Tactical. Their combined technological innovation and leading-edge product development is the platform by which its brand continues to grow.
By producing product such as high-performance ballistic packages (Synergy, NForce and Thin Blue Line), advanced carriers (UTOC and Predator II), hard armor shields (M.U.S.T. and O.U.T. shields), and other nylon tactical gear, Diamondback Tactical is easily seen as an innovator in its industry.  It partners with numerous suppliers within the industry to revolutionize product design for ease of use and functionality, producing the best product, and offering the best quality to its customers. Delivering product is becoming extremely easy for Diamondback Tactical because they know the origin of each need through the processes.  


Diamondback Tactical is known for its list of suppliers, and the company values each and every product that needs to make its way out to small or large agencies. They deliver products efficiently and effectively.  

The company maintains an extensive list of key distributors for domestic state and local law enforcement, government, and international distributors worldwide. Diamondback Tactical partners with premium distributors across multiple channels that work together for the purpose of servicing Diamondback Tactical customers and bettering their needs in the times of extreme security.


Diamondback Tactical has had a rough year, but that does not stop the company from being able to appease clients and customers. The backbone of the company lies heavily on all employees and according to Taylor, each one fulfills their roles entirely.

“Innovation of the company’s culture is truly what we are striving for. From the manufacturing floor to our field sales reps, everyone coming together during multiple challenges throughout the year has made a difference and solidified our future success,” Taylor says.

Taylor said that they didn’t want to lose a single customer and they managed and exceeded this expectation. Diamondback Tactical launched an entirely new website (www.diamondbacktactical.com) showcasing its expanded product offering, which has resulted in increased sales and an even larger customer base. Daily analytics show the new website has positioned the company for future growth and a better understanding of the products Diamondback Tactical offers.


Currently, the company has 145 employees and Taylor said he wants to expand that to 300-350 by the end of 2012. Taylor said the company applied for grants and received enough to make hiring happen. The growth and expansion of new employees will strengthen its existing culture, resulting in better quality and performance experienced by its customers.  

“Over the course of the next five years we hope to not only have a growth of strong soft and hard armor capabilities, but to also diversify our product portfolio for numerous future clients,” Taylor says.

In a press release on Diamondback Tactical’s website, Taylor says, “As an innovation leader within the industry, Diamondback Tactical is proud to be the first to offer an armor vest that meets or exceeds NIJ .06 testing along with the specialized testing protocols of two of the most respected U.S. Government law enforcement agencies.”

Business Review USA - Meredith Shepherd - June 8, 2012