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Facebook - The Project That Keeps on Giving

Forest City, NC – “Facebook announced their east coast data center location in this community in November of 2010. In the six months since, and that’s right only six months, this company has made a tremendous economic impact on the area. Today’s announcement regarding the mechanism for giving grants to local non-profits is yet one more way of showing Facebook’s commitment to the community.”  Tom Johnson stated.  

“There have been previous press releases about some of the events Facebook or their primary contractor DPR Fortis Mission Critical or their subs have done.  Facebook provided personnel to conduct a social media event held earlier this spring. This event was for the purpose of assisting small businesses and non-profits to enhance their business with the use of social media.  The event attracted well over 200 local persons. Another example of the impact is shown in a press release which came out a few months ago showing support for local businesses. This release identified over 60 local businesses, almost all of them small businesses, which have benefited directly from the Facebook construction presence. 

There are other benefits that Facebook or their primary contractor or subs have provided that have not been so widely publicized.

Some examples:
  • the giving of coats at Christmas,
  • the giving of food and money to the Community in Schools for the Backpack Food Program,
  • the recycling efforts and taking the proceeds and giving back to the community;
  • and, the donation of food from various meals or other functions to local charitable organizations. 
These and other efforts show the intent to be a part of the community and to give back to the community.

There are numerous others in the community who benefit from Facebook’s presence.  Because of the very specific skills needed in data center construction, some of the 400 plus construction workers on-site have temporarily located here. These folks need a place to live and therefore persons who own or manage rental properties have benefited.  These workers also buy their personal goods and services from within the community, such as eating at local restaurants and therefore another benefit to numerous local businesses.        

Another direct benefit is local employment. Well over one-half the employment at the construction site are persons from Rutherford or other North Carolina counties. 

I want to again, personally thank Facebook for not only locating in this community, but for making such a tremendous conscientious effort to be a part of this community and to give back to the community in such a generous way.”