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Facebook's Data Center Project Hires Locally

(Rutherford County, NC) -- Facebook representatives today described how to apply for work at the company’s $450 million data center now under construction in Rutherford County.   

Facebook also announced that just three weeks into the project the first of its local contractors are working on the data center, which will eventually connect the more than 500 million people around the world who use the pioneering social networking service. The local hires include Tri City Concrete Company and GDS (Garbage Disposal Service) as well as electrical workers and others. 

The process for applying to work on the construction project is simple:
  • Subcontractors interested in work at the site should send relevant information to the project’s general contractor, DPR/Fortis, via Construction@RutherfordDataCenter.com.
  • Individuals seeking work at the Facebook Data Center Construction site should regularly check www.facebook.com/rutherforddatacenter for subcontractor updates. Subcontractors will hire staff in their respective fields, and are planning meetings to explain their needs.
Tri City Concrete Company, a Rutherford County standard-bearer for more than 30 years, is now on the site as the data center's ready mix concrete supplier in a partnership valued at $1,000,000. "With the economy the way it is, this is a huge deal for us," said Bill Morris, who, along with co-owner Steve Barnes, grew up in Rutherford County. "We've been waiting for a project of this magnitude to come along."  Added Barnes, “We’re excited not just for us, but the entire county.”

Over the next two months, Tri City will put 14 people and about a dozen trucks on the site to pour the data center's footings (about 4,000 cubic yards of concrete), then move on to the slab. 

Also aboard is GDS of Spindale, which will use two trucks and four people to haul away trash and recycling.  

In addition, the project began bringing on electrical workers -- including some from Rutherford County -- at the first of three ‘industry nights’ put together by Rosendin Electrical (the national company that works closely with Facebook). Future ‘industry nights’ are scheduled at the site off Old Caroleen Road and US 74 on Dec. 9 and Dec. 16. Walk-ins are welcome at 6pm. Rosendin Electrical asks that people seeking an electrical job on the project first call 1-828-665-4239 to set up a time to complete an application and evaluation.

“Our goal is to hire locally wherever possible,” said Facebook’s Director of Site Operations Tom Furlong.  “It makes sense for us economically, and it’s the right thing to do.”

“Building a data center is a complex process.  In some cases, we need specialists with specific data center experience.  In others, more general skills fit fine.  In all cases, we look for companies with the right quantity and quality of staff, as well as the ability to mobilize quickly.

We know there are seasoned and skilled workers in this region.

We're already working with some of them, and look forward to meeting more.”

Rick Austin, executive director of the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce, added, “We’re taking the first steps in a long term relationship that will bring lots of benefits to Rutherford County.  In addition to jobs at the site, Facebook will buy from local  and regional offices, janitorial and other service providers.  And Facebook employees will frequent local restaurants and grocery stores, and be involved in community activities and schools.”

Subcontractors on the site will generally hire their own craft staffs.  

The site’s electrical contractor has asked that people seeking an electrical job on the project call 1-828-665-4239 to set up a time to complete an application and evaluation.  An appointment to interview for a job may follow on Dec. 9 or 16.  The interviews will take place on the job site off Old Caroleen Road and US 74.

Construction at the Facebook data center will eventually employ about 250 people. Once the data center is complete, Facebook will have between 35 and 45 full-time and contract employees. For more information, please visit www.facebook.com/rutherforddatacenter.  
Billy Warden | GBW Strategies | Principal | 919.412.0630